For all things asphalt and installation Pompano Beach Asphalt Paving continues the legacy. In the United States, the industry was used to pave roads until 1870. In 1876, Pennsylvania Avenue was paved to celebrate the country’s 100th anniversary. Now, without seeing it you can hardly go anywhere. This is due to its reliability. Of course a gravel drive is the cheapest way to choose. However, Gravel spreads far too easily to be a convenient idea of an entrance.

What We Do

Keep in mind that you get the best in all asphalt maintenance services when you hire us. No matter how big your paved surface is, if you crack, chipp or miss asphalt, we can help you.

We can do everything for you and no less than anyone else whether your asphalt surfaces need a little attention or an entirely new surface.

For a small reason that you start driving too fast, stones can be thrown. Have you ever seen the damage from a pit on the road to a windshield? A stone thrown out of your tires might damage your home, other vehicles or the devastating risk of loved ones just outside. Nothing prevents water from penetrating stones, even without the threat of potential damage. The weight of a car on a dumb drive causes ruts to be smoothed out in your drive. This doesn’t happen on a one-time basis. It must be done frequently.

We’ve got brick drives on the other end of the scale. Lovely and stylish. It’s very costly, too. It’s a cost many of us can’t afford. Therefore, when choosing their driveway, most people make two primary choices. These are asphalt and concrete. Call us at Pompano Beach Asphalt Paving for all your Asphalt Paving inquiries.